Donald Trump & Running Mate Mike Pence Appear Together For The First Time

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.
Update: Donald Trump and newly announced running mate Mike Pence appeared together for the first time in New York on Saturday, for a press conference in which Pence officially accepted the vice-presidential offer. “I thank Donald Trump for the confidence you’ve placed in us, and I accept,” Pence said when he took the stage. “I come to this moment deeply humble, but with a grateful heart.” “I am a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican. In that order,” he described himself to the crowd. In a 28-minute introduction that also referenced 1994’s NAFTA agreement and his “crooked Hillary” campaign against opponent Hillary Clinton, Trump said that Indiana Gov. Pence was his “first choice.” “He fights for the people and he’s going to fight for you. He’s a solid, solid person,” Trump said of his new second-in-command.

Update: July 15, 10:48 a.m.:
Donald Trump confirmed on Twitter on Friday morning that he had chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Trump had previously cancelled a scheduled press conference planned to announce his choice of running mate after news of Thursday night’s attack in Nice, France, which left 84 people dead.

Update: July 14, 8:21 p.m.:
Donald Trump says he is postponing his planned Friday morning press conference about his selection for vice president in the wake of an attack in Nice, France, that has reportedly left dozens dead.

This story was originally published on July 14, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.
It appears that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is poised to win the Donald Trump veepstakes.

The New York Times
on Thursday that Trump's campaign has "signaled" to Republican officials that Pence will be his pick. The presumptive GOP nominee is set to officially announce his selection on Friday morning in New York City. Pence emerged as a front-runner this week, as Trump and his family met with a number of high-profile GOP politicians.
The 57-year-old Republican served in Congress for more than a decade before he was elected as Indiana's governor in 2012. He's a conservative and early member of the Tea Party movement who has been floated as a possible presidential candidate in the past. Picking Pence could help Trump build support and credibility among conservative Republicans — particularly when it comes to social issues. As NBC News noted, Pence has made headlines — and generated controversy — for legislation targeting LGBTQ rights and abortion access. In the past year, he signed a "religious freedom" bill that critics argued would increase discrimination against LGBTQ people and a law prohibiting abortions due to a fetus' race, gender, or disabilities. The abortion measure has been blocked for now by a federal court.

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