Yes, You Can Network On A Dating App

Earlier this year, both Tinder and Bumble expanded the limits of what a dating app could offer when they independently introduced friend channels. Each lets you swipe left and right to find new friends (without benefits). Now, Bumble is readying to broaden its horizons even further. The app just announced that it will launch BumbleBizz this fall. It's a separate section of the app where you can make career contacts — without any romantic ties. What makes Bizz different from other career-connection sites, such as LinkedIn (and even Facebook), is how networking connections are made. You'll swipe left and right on potential contacts, as you would with a potential date, and women must be the ones to reach out first. It's that feature — one which puts women in the power seat — that made Bumble stand out in the crowded dating-app field when it first launched in 2014. And while it might seem odd for a dating app to delve into career networking, it seems like a smart and promising move for Bumble to take on another space where men traditionally have the advantage. "We are a mission-driven, female-empowerment brand that will always stay true to its core," Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe told Refinery29. "Leveling the playing field for women in the professional world is something we’re naturally all about as well." Here's how it will work: Like Bumble BFF, you have the option to create a new, separate profile for BumbleBizz. So, if you're also using the dating portion of the app, you don't have to worry about new professional contacts reading about how you love waking up to fresh coffee and playing with your dog. You can also set certain filters, just like you would in the dating portion of the app. For Bizz, you can specify who will come across your feed by industry and location. Hopefully, BumbleBizz will give women who are normally weary of networking events the confidence to connect with men and women who can help further their career — all in a fun and familiar format. Check back here for more news on the official launch date. In the meantime, start prepping your About Me section. Who would have thought your favorite dating app could also land you a job?

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