Now You Can Use Tinder To Find New Friends

Photo: Courtesy Tinder.
Tinder makes it as easy as a swipe to find new dates and hookups. But now, the app is going platonic: Tinder Social is a new way for you and your group to find other friends to hang out with. The new app lets you match with groups of friends and find out what they're up to. The aim: Making socializing easier once you and your crew are out, whether at a festival or at a networking event. While meeting cool people at a big event such as a concert could be fun, the latter seems especially useful. When I walk into a big conference or meetup, I usually feel overwhelmed, even if I've got a friend or coworker at my side. With this app, you could head to an event at SXSW, for example, and already be able to spot a few people you want to chat with. There is one interesting quirk, though: Tinder Social presents a list of all your Facebook friends that are on Tinder, so if you thought your Tinder browsing was a secret, it may not be. If you don't want friends on Tinder Social to know you use Tinder, you'll have to head to your settings and opt out. Right now, Tinder Social is only being beta tested in Australia, and you do need to be a Tinder user to try it out. So if you live Down Under, give it a whirl. Corrected April 29th to clarify that you do need to be a Tinder user to use Tinder Social.

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