Twitter Is Hating On Vanity Fair‘s Margot Robbie Profile

Australian actress Margot Robbie is August's Vanity Fair cover star, and boy did the magazine mess this one up. Writer Rich Cohen pulled out such winning lines as “she can be sexy and composed even while naked but only in character," and "Robbie’s beauty and speed of ascent mask her ambition." To say that the people of the internet are displeased with how she's depicted in the piece would be putting it mildly. And it's beyond peculiar phrasing; many pointed out that the article was just plain sexist.
I mean, would people describe a man this way? No, they would not. Because something like this would not exist.
But we can just leave it to Roxane Gay to say all that needs to be said.
Fortunately, she's also got some good ideas about how to avoid profiles of female celebrities like this in the future.
If only it were that simple.

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