Margot Robbie Says The Thought Of A Relationship Made Her Want To "Vomit"

Photo: Frank Trapper/GettyImages.
Margot Robbie is many things. She is Jane in The Legend of Tarzan. She is Harley Quinn to Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad. She’s also the person that taught us what "shorting" is in last year’s The Big Short. Basically, she is having a major moment right now.

The other thing she is? A woman in love.

Robbie talked about her boyfriend, Tom Ackerley, in this month’s Vogue. Robbie and the filmmaker (he was an assistant director on a movie she worked on called Suite Française) have been together for two years. While it is a full-blown Hollywood romance now, the two started out as friends. That was in large part due to Robbie’s attitude about relationships. “I was the ultimate single gal,” she tells Vogue. “The idea of relationships made me want to vomit.”

Relationships and making yourself vulnerable sometimes seem to be at odds with the ideas that strong, single women have for themselves. Robbie wasn't any different. While she knew she liked Ackerley, she kept him at a just-friends level because she didn’t want to put herself out there. “Don’t make it weird,” she told herself, according to the article.

Whatever her reservations, it seems to have all worked out. The couple has started their own production company and are working together on multiple film projects.

Robbie is rocking it both professionally and personally right now, giving us all some serious #lifegoals.

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