These Are The Summer Beauty Looks French Girls Love

The fashion looks at Paris Haute Couture Week aren't meant to be wearable. It's not a major revenue stream for any of the designers. It's not about real life. Instead, haute couture works as a display of ingenuity, wit, and artistic achievement. And in the past, the beauty on the runway has very much followed suit. We've been awed by Chanel "croissants," intense red blush, and everything Pat McGrath has ever done to push the envelope.
But as we've cyber-stalked the skilled makeup artists and hairstylists who create fairy tales and fantasy from hairspray and foundation, we noticed something a little different this time around. Dewy faces, natural lips, and heavily shadowed eyes are having a moment. Models are stomping down the runway in looks that lend focus to their individual features, rather than the makeup itself.
Take a look for yourself, ahead. We’ve rounded up the beauty trends we think will have you mentally taking notes. They're techniques and ideas you can use the minute you see them, not over-the-top looks to pad your Pinterest. Because this year, Paris Haute Couture got real.

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