The “T.S.” On Tom Hiddleston’s Top May Not Be Taylor Swift: An Alternate Theory

Hiddleswift appears to have spent a beautiful Fourth of July together. The pair was photographed frolicking in the waves with friends on a beach in Rhode Island, where Swift threw a celeb-studded bash. Notably, Hiddleston was sporting a white muscle tank that said "I ❤️ T. S." Yeah, very cryptic, Tom! We all know he's talking about Taylor Swift, obviously.
Or is he? "T. S." could mean any number of lovable things. Maybe the actor is just a big fan of Tom Selleck, tuna sandwiches, Tupac Shakur, Times Square, Tilda Swinton, or tomato sauce. Unfortunately, none of those actually make sense. But BuzzFeed writer Jen Lewis has proposed an alternate theory that actually is pretty plausible: "T. S." is a reference to the poet T. S. Elliot.
Why is it believable? Well, the poet is one of Hiddleston's favorites — as evidenced by this behind-the-scenes video at a 2013 photo shoot, in which he recites lines from "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." Lewis also pointed out that Hiddleston expressed his adoration for that particular poem during a live Twitter Q&A back in 2013. He called it one of his favorites.
So what do you think? Was Hiddleston's shirt an ode to the writer or his new lady-friend?

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