Kylie Jenner Responds To Her Company’s Shockingly Bad Rating

Update: Looks like Kylie's beauty record is getting back on track. Shortly after news broke that Kylie Cosmetics received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau, its grade was bumped up to a "C." The CEO of the BBB said the adjustment was made when the bureau was made aware of the mass volume of business the cosmetics line receives. (To which we say: Are you guys living under a rock?) Within that context, the percentage of complaints was a lot smaller. Kylie took to Instagram to make a statement: "I love everything about Kylie Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy," she wrote to her fans. She also addressed the claim that some of the complaints issued were never resolved. "I've sold millions of Lip Kits and any complaint we've received to date has been addressed in a timely manner." She ended the post with her classic signature — little hearts and a metaphorical mic drop.
This story was originally published on July 5, 2016, at 1:45 p.m.
Lippie magnate Kylie Jenner went into the long weekend riding high after announcing her largest ever restock, lip liner singles, and a new highlighter. But the Better Business Bureau — a non-profit that sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance — had other plans. In the first business review of KJ's company, the organization assigned Kylie Cosmetics an "F" rating, the lowest available score.
As the write-up on the Bureau's website outlines, 133 complaints — about delivery, problems with the product, and billing — were reported and evaluated over the past year. Reportedly, five of these issues were never resolved and the business "failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints," according to the BBB.
To be fair, we're guessing many of the complaints are the result of unlucky but solvable growing pains. For instance, at the end of May, Kylie Cosmetics instagrammed a pic of new, less conspicuous packaging. (The ubiquitous lip-dripping kits were so hot — and recognizable — that they were often stolen or vandalized en route to customers homes.) Considering a whopping 69 complaints had to do with delivery, it's likely many were lodged before the box was redesigned. In May, Kylie Cosmetics told the BBB they were taking steps to change their packaging, but BBB notes that as of the end of June, "the pattern of complaint allegations continues."
We've reached out to Kylie Cosmetics for comment on the matter and will update this post as soon as we hear back. In the meantime, we know King Kylie likes to give her fans what they want, and we're hoping she'll promptly address the issues surrounding the low rating. And considering the company's astronomical success, we don't think this low blow will cause devout plump-pout lovers to stray too far. Keep on keeping on, Ky.

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