The Kylie Lip Kit Drought Is Officially Over...FOREVER!

If there's anything negative to be said about Kylie Lip Kits, it's that they're so darn hard to source — a good problem to have. (If we had a dime for every friend who asked if our beauty-editor status gave us the inside track... Well, sadly, the answer is no.) But, like any good businessperson, Kylie Jenner knows how to listen to her customers. Finally, one can shop for Kylie Glosses, Metal Mattes, and OG Lip Kits with ease.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Jenner took to her Snapchat and Instagram to announce another restock today on her Kylie Cosmetics site at 1 p.m. EST, or 10 a.m. PST. This will be SO huge that you won’t have to worry about sitting on your computer all weekend and not ending up with that one shade you've been pining for in your cart. "We’ve been working really, really hard these past few months to make as many Lip Kits as we possibly can, because if you know me, you know that I hate that they’re always sold out," she said on Snapchat. "I’m stocking the website with the most Lip Kits you could possibly imagine for you guys, so that you can enjoy your Fourth of July weekend and shop at your leisure and not feel pressure." Yaaass, yaaass, yaaass.

Today's restock won't include any new shades, but we do know that three new summer hues are on the way later this month. There's just one other significant bit of news: If you’re one of those fans who love the liners, but could do without the matte liquid lipsticks, you’re in luck. She’s heard our cries, people, and finally made them available as singles. For now, it seems as though only Candy K and Mary Jo will be sold separately. You better believe we're holding out for the rest. Air high-fives all around the internet world: Our beauty prayers have come true.

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