Apple's New Billboards Will Brighten Up Your Commute

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
When Apple launched its "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign last year, the photographs earned a lot of praise, taking home the top prize at the Cannes Grand Prix Festival. They were also the butt of some playful mockery. The campaign, which emphasize the phone's high-quality camera, featured images taken by both professional and everyday photographers and can be spotted on billboards and in subways around the world. Those who parodied the ads took hilarious selfies that are less inspirational, and more ridiculous in nature.

Apple's latest "Shot on iPhone" campaign, which launched yesterday, celebrates beauty and diversity in enriching — and very hard to make fun of — ways. It's called "Colors," and the photos featured show tones of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green, and have been hand-selected for specific locations around the globe. So, for example, outside a football stadium in Europe, the Apple billboard has green and yellow in it to reflect the home team's colors.

Whether you're in the U.S., or traveling to New Zealand, you'll see photographs that inspire you to explore the culture around you with all five senses (as well as with your phone's camera). Click through to see some of the billboards stationed around the globe.

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