This Loyalty Program Could Make You Fall Back In Love With Chipotle

Photographed by Tayler Smith.
Chipotle has been working hard to redeem itself after the multiple food safety issues it faced over the last several months. The chain's been tossing us free burritos, guac, and discounts galore in hopes of winning back its loyal customers. Chipotle’s newest attempt to get back in your good graces is a limited-time rewards program. The rewards program is called “Chiptopia." It will start July 1 and last through the summer. According to CNBC, Chiptopia is pretty different from other loyalty programs in that customers will be rewarded for making multiple trips to the restaurant per week. Too bad this wasn't around last summer when that guy ate Chipotle for 100 days straight. Anyway, rewards will include freebies and discounts, but as you can only reap the rewards with multiple trips, it's a pretty clever way to boost sales. In order to participate, visit on July 1. You can either register for a digital card to use from your phone or hit up any Chipotle location to get your hands on a physical card, which can be registered online on the same website. Even though Chiptopia is only going on for three months, it's part of a bigger plan to launch a permanent rewards program. According to Chipotle’s chief creative and development officer Mark Crumpacker, the company will reference customer feedback on this program as it continues to design a more permanent one. We'll have to wait and see if this summertime special restores Chipotle to its former glory, but it's definitely still a great deal for anyone who never lost faith in the chain.

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