Chipotle Is Giving Away Even MORE Free Burritos

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images.
In case you didn't snag a coupon for a free Chipotle burrito back in February, the chain is offering up even more gratis eats. According to the Associated Press, Chipotle plans to give away a whopping 21 million additional freebies to potential customers. The chain is doling them out by randomly mailing burrito coupons to people across America. So far, the chain has sent out somewhere between the six and 10 million mark, so there's still plenty of time if you haven't received one yet. Apparently, the additional giveaways are an attempt to get people back into local Chipotle outposts. "It was kind of eerie — and we'd hear this from customers. They would walk by a restaurant and see, god that was always busy, and now there's no line whatsoever," stated Jack Hartung, Chipotle's chief financial officer. And once the current mailer coupons run out (they expire in May), there's more. The chain is considering offering BOGO deals, as well as more mobile offers. So, if you're unmoved by everything that went down at the burrito joint last year, get ready for plenty more deals to come. Want More R29 Food?
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