Here’s What Happens When You Eat Chipotle For Over 100 Days

Photo: Courtesy Of Chipotle.
When Chipotle told us that they were hosting a sweepstakes where we could win free burritos for a year, we were on the fence: Would that be the best thing ever or too much of a good thing? Well, if you are Mark Rantal from Colorado Springs, you would think it’s the best thing ever. Mark has eaten the same Chipotle order every day for 106 days and counting. And, you know what? He loves it. In fact, he loves it so much that he hosted a Reddit AMA to discuss his Chipotle marathon. In the comment chain, he answers questions about everything from his exercise regimen to his bowel movements, and even masturbation (as usual Reddit gets a little weird the more you scroll down). I love a good burrito as much as the next person, but 106 days seems crazy to me. This guy ate burritos for every meal for one week and seemed like he was basically in fetal position in his bedroom after a few days. What do you think? Burritos ALL DAY, or too much of a good thing?

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