Protests Against Brexit Take Place In London & Scotland

This story was originally published on Refinery29's U.K. site. Protests have been taking place in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow following the UK's incredibly polarizing vote for Brexit. Though the UK voted to part ways with the EU by a majority of 52% to 48%, these figures do not reflect the mood in Scotland or the capital. Some 62% of Scottish voters and 60% of London-based voters placed their mark in the Remain box on Thursday. STV reports that hundreds of people gathered outside the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh and at Glasgow's George Square on Friday. Organizers of the Glasgow protest said in a Facebook post before the event that "the EU referendum has unleashed a torrent of racism." Meanwhile, protesters gathered outside Downing Street in London, where Prime Minister David Cameron had announced earlier in the day that he is stepping down following the vote for Brexit. The Independent reports that many of these protesters were teenagers under the age of 18, who had not been permitted to vote in Thursday's historic referendum. They held up signs saying, "Where was my vote?" and,"Our future, our choice." Another protest took place outside the London Bridge headquarters of News UK, the publishers of The Sun and The Sunday Times, both of which had backed Brexit, as well as The Times, which was pro-Remain. Sunday Times journalist Josh Boswell tweeted that a crowd of around 650 people had gathered outside the News UK building to express their disappointment with the way the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers had covered the build-up to the referendum.
Meanwhile, a group called London Stays is organizing a much larger protest at Trafalgar Square this Tuesday, the 28th of June. At the time of writing, 26,000 people have said on Facebook that they will be attending. Trafalgar Square will also host a mass gathering today, the 25th of June, as the capital's LGBT community celebrates Pride in London.

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