20 Of Snapchat’s Rarest Geofilters

Photo: Frank Bienewald/Getty Images.
In addition to satisfying your wanderlust and exposing you to new foods and cultures, one of the fun perks of travel nowadays is getting to check out new geofilters on Snapchat. These designed overlays — which anyone can create and submit — are always exclusive to the regions they appear in. This means that you'll only have access to them while you're in that particular geographical area, which, for the hardest to reach spots around the globe, isn't easy.
That's why we reached out to Snapchat and asked them to share the rare filters that many of us will never, ever get to see. Ahead, check out our favorites, inspired by 20 amazing locations that are incredibly difficult to get to and often require special planning — or, in the case of Mount Everest, training. You might even get some new ideas for hidden spots to add to your travel bucket list!

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