Judy Blume Books Have Changed Since You Were A Teen

The youths love their texting. So what better way to sell the classic novel about finding religion and Kotex than luring kids in with some text bubbles?
That seems to be the thought behind the updated cover of the '70s Judy Blume book, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.

The new cover, released in 2014 by Atheneum and discovered on Instagram recently by Jezebel, features the titular Margaret trying to get in touch with God through text. Which is, honestly, ridiculous — today's teen would totally try Snapchat first. We appreciate the creativity of the new cover while simultaneously mourning the cover art of our youth. Whether you had the classic '70s illustrated cover or one of the more modern photo covers featuring pointedly modern youth, your copy of the novel was likely an important touchstone during those awkward years. And obviously, it's still helping young readers today. Even if it's giving them confusing ideas about how to most effectively relay their "please let Billy like me back" prayers.

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