Ramsay Bolton Is So Ready To Meet Nemesis Jon Snow

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
The Game of Thrones fan base is practically quivering with anticipation for Sunday night's episode. The Battle of the Bastards has people choosing sides and having mini anxiety attacks on Twitter. But it sounds like at least one of the actors involved is as excited as the viewers. Iwan Rheon, who plays the evil bastard Ramsay Bolton, is super pumped for his character to finally come face to face with Jon Snow (the de facto good bastard).
"Anyone who has asked me, ‘Who would you like Ramsay to meet?’ My answer has always been, ‘Jon Snow,’" Rheon told Entertainment Weekly. Why? "He’s the antithesis of Ramsay. They’re almost a yin and a yang," Rheon explains. "They both come from such a similar place yet they’re so different. And even though they’re enemies, they’ve both risen so far as bastards, which is almost incomprehensible, and now they’re both here facing each other." He added, "They couldn’t be any more different, yet more similar."
Except, unlike yin and yang, one of these two will have to destroy the other. Sorry, Iwan. You know where our hearts lie.
Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.

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