Is This How Ramsay Bolton Will Die On Game Of Thrones?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
For those Game of Thrones fans who feel like Ramsay Bolton's death can't come soon enough, boy, do we have a fan theory for you! As the Independent reports, fans believe the resurrection of Jon Snow could mean the end for the despicable Ramsay in what is being called the BastardBowl, thanks to the two men's parentage. Ramsay, who makes King Joffrey look like a fairly decent guy, has made it clear that he'd like to head to Castle Black in hopes of catching up with his runaway wife, Sansa Stark. This means he's likely to meet up with Jon Snow, who has called Castle Black home, at some point in his travels. Being that Jon Snow grew up with the Stark family — and the fact that Ramsay has done terrible things to Sansa and now holds captive the youngest Stark, Rickon — Jon may be out for blood. Not to mention the fact that Ramsay's dad played a big part in the Red Wedding, which left Rob and Catelyn Stark dead. But fans aren't only hypothesizing that Ramsay will die at Jon Snow's hand this season, they're predicting that it will all be thanks to little Rickon. A Reddit user wrote, in a very long explanation, that it's been established that there are many, including the Umbers, who want to betray Ramsay, the newly crowned Warden of the North. Since he killed his father for the title, it sets the stage for a big betrayal. Rickon was brought to Ramsay by an Umber named Smalljon, who is definitely not interested in declaring loyalty with the new Warden. This might be because he previously pledged himself to the Starks, back when Rob was alive, well and King of the North. Since it's assumed Smalljon is still loyal to the family, bringing Rickon to Ramsay may be his way to infiltrating Winterfell and eventually taking Ramsay down. In Jon Snow's case, killing Ramsay Bolton is definitely worth returning from the dead. Clearly, no one associated with GoT is going to confirm (or deny) this theory, but we certainly hope Ramsay will be a goner sooner rather than later.

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