We Really Hope This Blake Lively Post Doesn’t Become An Instagram Trend

Blake Lively has been making some interesting — and somewhat controversial — posts on her Instagram lately. On Tuesday, she continued this habit by posting an optical illusion to her account. The caption of the Magic Eye–like photo read: “Here's a throwback to make you smile. What a hole decided the world no longer needed these?!?!”
We certainly don't know who is responsible for making these once-popular optical illusion images fall from prominence, but, to be honest, we kind of hope they don't make a comeback. Don't get us wrong; we don't mind one little throwback, but we aren't too keen on the idea of these becoming the next big Instagram trend. Imagine if your Instagram feed started filling up with optical illusions. You'd never get anything done. The comments section on Lively's post contained similar sentiments, with a lot of remarks like "This is pissing me off" and "Just another thing in my life I can't achieve." Apparently, you're supposed to see an image of a shark in the actress' post, but clearly people had issues getting there. Let's face it, Magic Eye pictures are hard to crack. Plus, they strain your eyes. While it wouldn't be the weirdest Instagram trend we've ever seen, it has the potential to be the most frustrating.

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