Amber Rose Shares Her Talk Show’s Mission & The Sex Advice She’ll Give Her Son

Photo: J. Countess/FilmMagic.
Amber Rose has established a reputation as a straight-talking champion of sex positivity, and now her commitment to open dialogue around sex is shining through in her new VH1 talk show, The Amber Rose Show. In a recent interview with, Rose shared the anti-shame mission of The Amber Rose Show: "We have this segment where we have the sex and relationships questions," she said. "We have really cool sex therapists, super young. They're not conservative at all. My show is a no-judgment zone." "We [also] have celebrity guests where I ask the celebrities a lot of crazy sexual questions," she added. "And any celebrity that does come on my show, they know beforehand that they're going to be asked some real shit." Famous guests, you have been warned. Rose also discussed her goal of imparting a feminist approach to sex to Sebastian, or "Bash," her 3-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa, when he's older. "[Wiz] knows how important it is to raise Sebastian as a feminist," she said. "He's gonna know everything... When you teach your kids from such a young age exactly what it is and what life is, they're not gonna be scared of it... The same thing goes with sex and feminism and relationships." Rose even has a sex-positive parenting role model. "I'm gonna be like, Barbra Streisand in [Meet] the Fockers, where she asks [Ben Stiller's character], 'Hey, honey, have you been giving your wife orgasms?'" she explained. "'Just make sure you're giving your wife orgasms, because it's so important in a relationship.' That's the type of mom I'm gonna be." If Rose does emulate Streisand's character, Bash may have some embarrassing moments, but he will know the importance of his partners' pleasure.

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