Is Donut-Shaped Sushi The Next Instagram Food Craze?

Joining ramen burgers and birthday cake croissants on the list of food combinations that don't seem to belong together but magically do is sobeautifullyraw's donut sushi. Yup, that's exactly what it sounds like: rice rolled into a ball with a hole in the middle. Is it sushi? Is it a donut? Do we care? No, we do not, because both put together are clearly superior to either one.

Sushi Donut Dreamin' ? #vegan

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But you eat it with chopsticks, so we're going with sushi. Surprisingly, it doesn't sound too difficult to make. "Simply grease a donut mold with coconut oil, mold in cooled sushi rice, and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down," the Instagram's creator Sam captioned a photo of it. Wait, a donut mold? Yes, they exist! There's a surprising selection of mini donut molds on Amazon.
Sobeautifullyraw is dedicated to vegan foods exclusively, so this one's just got some avocado, black sesame, ginger, wasabi, and cashew mayo on top. But there's no reason you couldn't add your fish of choice. In fact, given the inevitable path that Instagram tends to head down, we wouldn't be all that surprised to see a bacon version in the near future.

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