Nick Jonas Tried A Weed Lollipop Once & It Did Not Go Well

On Monday's Tonight Show, Nick Jonas told Jimmy Fallon a pretty crazy story that starts with a weed lollipop and ends with a "non-apparent-reason boner," which Jonas refers to as a "NARB."

His friend's wife offered him the treat the night before 2014's Young Hollywood Awards, and everything appeared to be going smoothly. "I did it, enjoyed the night, felt great, went to bed feeling fine," Jonas said. But the next morning, the effects kicked in.

"Everything's in slow motion," he remembered thinking. Attending an awards show does not sound like a scenario for which you'd want time to slow down. He heard voices in the shower saying, "Your life is over, you're gonna die." And when his "NARB" showed up on the car ride over, he probably wished that were true.

To prevent the award show's viewers from noticing it, Jonas stood in front of the cameras with his hands positioned very strategically, a move he demonstrated for Fallon and the audience. Fallon then pulled up a clip of the show to prove that the Scream Queens star did indeed use some suspicious hand gestures.

It's not clear whether the lollipop and the NARB were directly related, but they definitely combined to create one memorable experience for Jonas that day. Watch Jonas tell the story, below.


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