TV & Movie Characters With Completely Unrealistic Lives

We've become so accustomed to seeing the most unrealistic depictions of "real" life on the big and small screens that it doesn't even register anymore. Sure, impossible financial situations and generous definitions of what "middle-class" means can make for more exciting, enviable characters and entertainingly outlandish plotlines. But we're calling bullshit on all these faux-bourgeois lifestyles.
Why does it matter if it's all fiction anyway? Well, for starters, it's distracting. It's hard enough to suspend disbelief without being made to ogle the insane clothes and Architectural Digest-worthy homes everyone seems to enjoy. And it does nothing to make characters relatable or empathetic, by the way. Some common culprits? Teenagers with bottomless wallets, ridiculous wardrobes, and the freedom to do whatever the hell they want. Also, twentysomething professionals living in New York City apartments that would be completely unaffordable — if anything like them even existed IRL.
Today is National Splurge Day. And if you can't afford to go out and blow a whole paycheck on sunglasses or a spa day, stay put and check out these fictional characters from movies and TV with totally unrealistic lives.

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