JoJo Fletcher Admits Watching Chad “Scares Me”

Photo: Craig Sjudin/ABC.
Pictured: Chad continues to charm.
News alert: You aren't the only one creeped out by Chad. In a new blog post written for People, JoJo Fletcher weighed in on last night's episode of The Bachelorette. You know, the one that saw Angry Chad manage to rip Evan's shirt and paw at JoJo within a matter of seconds? Fletcher wrote that Chad's violent outburst after getting teased by Evan on stage got out of hand. She admitted that she didn't fully understand the tension until watching the episode herself. "When Chad stepped up there, he was angry," Fletcher recalled. "And now, watching it back, I understand why. But that doesn't excuse what happened when they left the stage. Watching it back now, it scares me. I had no idea what was happening backstage with the guys. I do know that violence is never the answer. Putting your hands on someone else is never the way to resolve conflict. And boy was that some conflict." Fletcher spoke to both men afterward, but ultimately gave the rose to Evan. Once again, Chad was not a happy camper. "Seeing that side of Chad after I handed Evan the rose was really upsetting," Fletcher admitted. "And, to be honest, I was really questioning Chad and his motives." Welcome to the club, girlfriend. We've been waiting for you. Anyone else pumped for tonight's episode?

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