Chloë Sevigny Says Her Secret To Great Skin Is Not Having Babies

Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Chloë Sevigny has beautiful skin, in case you've never noticed. The 41-year-old actress does not appear to have aged much since she first broke into Hollywood in the '90s. The Love & Friendship star revealed the most important aspects of her skin-care regimen to W magazine in a recent interview. She credits her genes and the usual good-skin habits for her youthful appearance — lots of moisturizer and water, a good dermatologist, and not too much caffeine.
But the number one reason Sevigny does not look her 41 years, according to her? She's never had kids. "I think it’s not having had a baby yet," she said. "Because I think the baby wear and tear and stress on your body is part of the reason why people say, 'Why do you still look so young?'" She went on, "I really think that that unfortunately ages women, especially when they have children in their 30s, not in their 20s. So I think, first and foremost, it’s that and genetics."
Sevigny's blunt honesty is likely to spark controversy. (Have at it, Twitter.) It's hard to imagine many mothers will appreciate these comments, which essentially equate bearing children with looking old — and suggest that the secret to eternal youth is forgoing motherhood. Deciding whether or not to have kids is complicated enough as it is — wondering how it'll age your skin should be the last of anyone's worries.
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