20 Times A Celebrity Smile Said A LOT More Than You Thought

Hear the term "Hollywood smile," and you'll no doubt picture Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts flashing their perfect pearly whites. Or, maybe you think of Kim Kardashian smizing with the concentration of someone who does this sort of thing all day, every day. The phrase brings to mind veneers and dimples, bedroom eyes and power pouts.
It's pretty hard to maintain those poses, though. Even celebrities need to break character on the red carpet and stretch their facial muscles, cross their eyes, and stick out their tongues. Fame and fortune don't exempt people from wonky smiles or awkward grins more commonly associated with old yearbooks. Blue Steel can easily turn into Red Eye Squint, and the paparazzi is there to document it all.
Click through to see celebrity photos that probably would have been trashed or de-tagged if they'd had the choice. It can't all be perfect poses and glowy Instagram filters, folks.

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