Jenna Is Coming Back To Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is coming back, and our anticipation is already at a fever pitch. The girls have had to deal with a new kidnapping and a new villain. But their past, as it always does, will also haunt them in a major way. That’s because Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) will return for at least part of the next season. She’s been off-screen for a while, and she’s being a little cagey about just what she’s been doing. “The girls haven't seen Jenna in a year and a half, so it's kind of a big surprise,” Sursok tells Cosmopolitan. “She's definitely involved in a lot of exciting, tantalizing things that the viewers want answers for. We still tread the line of, ‘Is she blind? Is she not blind?’ She's gonna come back with some gusto, and I'm in most of the season, so it's pretty exciting.” Sursok says that she is coming back as a new kind of Jenna. Looks-wise, but also with a (possible) impairment. “Yes, my look definitely changes,” Sursok tells Cosmopolitan. “I think she went through a really tough period obviously because she was visually impaired — and she might be or she might not be — but I think she's come to terms with the fact that it's not gonna get better. She's trying some different things with her look and the audience will see that.” But she cautions not to ask her for spoilers; she probably doesn’t know until the eve of the shoot. “[I get the script] literally three days before,” Sursok tells Cosmopolitan. “I'm not even kidding. I launched [Bottle + Heels, her new blog, on Sunday] and we had a massive party, and the next day, I found out I had a table read. So thank goodness I didn't drink too much! We know pretty much just before, which is kind of exciting too. I think it's great to all know the next step of each episode together.” And of course she’s just as anxious to find out who Uber A is. “Part of me wants it to be me,” Sursok tells Cosmopolitan. “I've been made the villain for so long and then people didn't think I was the villain, so it would be so fun to go, ‘Actually I was the villain!’”

Two more of these bad boys to learn this weekend. Hmmmmm decisions, decisions...... @prettylittleliars #jenna #letsmakeamess #pll

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