’90s Kids Will Freak Over Too Faced’s New Product

Before emojis, kids expressed their emotions with stickers, covering their notebooks in them the way we pepper our texts with their digital versions now. Stickers spoke volumes. ([Prayer-hands emoji] if trippy Lisa Frank unicorns, rainbows, and kittens dotted your Trapper Keeper.) To tap into the '90s nostalgia, Too Faced is introducing a new eyeshadow palette.
The Totally Cute (which is both the actual name and how we would describe it) palette will have your inner child, like, totally, bugging. It comes with nine fun, vibrant shades in matte and shimmer options. Also included are two sheets of stickers, so you can customize your palette with all your favorite things, just like you did your Trapper Keeper way back when. Tacos your jam? Slap 'em on. A dolphin wearing a bow more up your alley? You're covered. (Phew.)
The palette, priced at $36, drops June 15 on Too Faced's website and July 15 on Sephora's. Want to see your sticker (okay, and eyeshadow) options before they launch? Click through to check them out. We suggest pressing play on your favorite throwback mixtape before doing so.

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