Here's Where You Definitely Won't Catch Karlie Kloss In Leggings

Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Ton/Swarovski.
As far as models go, Karlie Kloss just might be the most hyphenate-necessitating multi-hyphenate around. She’s had her own line of wholesome yet actually tasty cookies with NYC’s hip Momofuku Milk Bar since 2012. She joined the prestigious Time 100 flock this year. This summer, she’s launching a coding camp for girls, Kode With Klossy, in three U.S. cities. Oh, and the 23-year-old just finished her freshman year as an undergrad at NYU. That’s to say nothing of the myriad campaigns, major magazine covers, and top-notch runways Kloss has appeared on over the years. Her latest ad spot is one you’ll likely see all over the place: Kloss is the new face of Swarovski, succeeding Miranda Kerr. We met with Kloss to talk about sparkly matters related to her newest gig, plus her frank thoughts on collegiate style. (Leggings don’t quite make the cut, alas.)

First up, Kloss’ take on collegiate dressing involves some very ergonomically minded baggage: “I’m such a fan of backpacks, and not just recently — I think they’ve always been cool,” Kloss said, singing the praises of two-strapped schleppers as “super practical and hands-free.” And knapsacks aren’t confined to the classroom for Kloss. “Even before I was a student again, when traveling or running through airports. I’ve got a very chic collection of backpacks at this point — probably 10 or so, including some cute mini ones — they’re definitely not the clunky, hardcore, heavy-duty Jansport kind I had as a kid.”

Another relatable go-to-class must for Kloss: sneakers. “I wear sneakers all the time; not only are they very much on-trend, but they’re also practical for running around campus — and everywhere, since I’m constantly running around everywhere, basically,” Kloss said.

But she's not down with all articles of comfort clothing. Leggings, for example, don't quite make the cut for Kloss in class. “I wouldn’t wear leggings to class! That’s where I draw the line,” Kloss said. “They’re more for working out, or off-duty.”
Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Ton/Swarovski.

As for Kloss’ newest campaign, she’ll be the face of the brand for the next two years (and there’s also an exclusivity contract of the same length, reports WWD, so expect to spot Kloss solely in Swarovski watches and baubles until 2018). “Swarovski has tremendous legacy, and they’ve been really supportive of the fashion industry in many ways — they’re innovative in terms of how they work with designers and how supportive they’ve been on the CFDA for years,” Kloss said of how the “really warm, family-run” Austrian crystal company has been involved with the fashion industry.

“It’s a brand I have a lot of memories wearing on the red carpet, on the runway, and in real life,” Kloss said, the most memorable look being a bodysuit she wore to close the 2013 Victoria’s Secret show. “It was covered head-to-toe in thousands of Swarovski crystals, and it was incredible,” Kloss recalls. More recently, she found herself in a vintage couture gown (bedecked in crystals, obviously), partially submerged in a bathtub brimming with Swarovski bling of varied shapes and sizes for an upcoming campaign. “It was such a surreal moment; I kept pinching myself,” she said, laughing. “Where can we go from there? It’s hard to top that.”

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