OK, This Is What Women Actually Want From Wearables

The tracking craze feels like it just started, but already, it seems like there’s a wearable (and an accompanying app) for just about anything. Your sleep patterns, periods, sex life — it’s all fair for the numbers game. As wearables have grown in popularity, designers and tech companies finally realized they were largely leaving out half of the market: the female half.
Right now, men still make up the overwhelming majority of people buying wearables, but that doesn't have to be the case. If trackers actually tracked what we wanted to track, like when the last time we washed our bra was (um, it was last week, right?) we'd be buying them in droves.
With that in mind, we polled our staff to find out what their dream tracker would do. Click through for seven models we’d like to see debut soon. (A note to the Fitbits and Apples of the tech world: We’ll happily take a share of the proceeds if these ideas do end up hitting the market for real.)

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