The Amazing New Work Perk You Could Be Getting

Photo: Courtesy of Rent the Runway.
When we think "work perks," benefits such as health care and the occasional free breakfast come to mind — but, how about clothes? That's about to be the case at Condé Nast, which publishes magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and Allure. Today, the company announced a partnership with Rent the Runway, offering its Unlimited program at a discount for employees (at least for a limited time). After an accessories-only trial followed by a beta period with clothes, Rent the Runway rolled out Unlimited to the masses in March 2016. The feedback has been resoundingly positive: It's a "game-changer" (according to USA Today), an alternative to fast fashion (per Tech Insider), and Glamour likened it to Cher's computer-operated rotating closet in Clueless. Basically, people were psyched at the prospect of renting three items at a time for an unlimited period for only $139 a month — especially given how much we spend, how quickly we cycle through, and how much waste we create with fast fashion. Rent the Runway was so sure of the success of this initiative, CEO Jennifer Hyman said the company was going "to spend zero paid marketing on this," instead relying on word-of-mouth recommendation, according to Recode. Individuals on Condé Nast's payroll will now get the option to sign up for the program, much like they would for a discounted health club membership, as a work perk. The publisher will then pick up part of the program's monthly fee. (Employees will be able to get Unlimited for $90 a month — about 35% off regular price — and Condé Nast will pay the difference, according to a Rent the Runway representative.) "We created our corporate subsidy program to give professional women access to the variety and quality of clothing they need to look and feel confident at work," AJ Nicholas, VP of brand marketing at Rent the Runway, told Refinery29. It's worth noting, though, that Rent the Runway's inventory is currently limited to women's apparel and accessories. This Condé-only offer will be valid for six months, WWD reports — although RTR is reportedly in talks with other companies about incorporating this type of deal. Unlimited has stood out from other comparable rental services for its sheer range in brands, from contemporary names like 10 Crosby Derek Lam and Anya Hindmarch to more established labels like Carolina Herrera and DVF. This new perk is meant to alleviate the pressures employees might feel to constantly spend money on new clothes, providing a (relatively) affordable, even empowering alternative. Let's just hope none of these rentals get stuck in the Condé escalator — something tells us the publisher won't be bankrolling the 70%-of-retail fee for damaged items.