This Game Of Thrones Spoiler Blocker Is EVERYTHING

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you've likely become accustomed to two certainties. First is that a lot of your favorite characters will eventually die a bloody death. Second is that, if you don't watch the new episode the moment it airs, someone will spill the news about those deaths on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere. This means it's almost impossible to avoid GoT spoilers unless you watch each new episode at exactly 9 p.m. EST every Sunday on HBO. But in the age of on-demand streaming, don't you have the right to watch that episode whenever you choose — without learning what happens beforehand? But "hold the door": There's a solution to your spoiler woes. GameofSpoils is a genius Google Chrome extension that can detect and block GoT-related spoilers on Facebook, Twitter, Google News, and other spoiler-heavy sites. The most recent update to the extension even lets you add specific phrases that you'd like it to block. A quick scroll through my Facebook feed shows that GameofSpoils does its job well. Where a friend posted a spoiler, all I saw was a black box with this text: "A potential spoiler here was slowly poisoned over a period of many fortnights, because it dared mention the phrase Game of Thrones." There are other hilariously appropriate sayings, too ("A potential spoiler here was incinerated by hot dragon breath, because it dared mention the phrase 'Asoiaf'") that you can look forward to seeing after you download the extension. Ah, the things we do for Game of Thrones.

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