Daisy Ridley Wants You To Stop Taking Her Photo

Given the popularity of Star Wars, it's no wonder that star Daisy Ridley is constantly asked for a photo. Sometimes, apparently, she's not even asked — fans just take one anyway, without her permission. Now, she's calling those people out. The British actress has posted a new Instagram photo in which she asks fans to stop taking and sharing photos they secretly taken of her, especially ones that reveal some sort of information about from the Star Wars: Episode VIII set. According to her, it's "not cool." "It's incredibly invasive, please don't," she wrote. "In general I would prefer people came to have a conversation than ask for a photo. We don't have to record EVERYTHING and prove EVERYTHING; conversations are actually GREAT!!! Ditto for any spoilery type photos."
While we can see how it would be hard for young fans to pass up the chance to take a photo with (or of) Rey, Ridley certainly has a point. Sneaking photos on the sly is kinda sketchy. And remember: She's got a lightsaber and she knows how to use it.

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