Kanye Talks All Things Kids On Ellen

Kanye West stopped by The Ellen Show to catch up with Ellen Degeneres on just about everything from fashion to philosophy to his epic Twitter feed. In typical Kanye style, he had lots of opinions to share about many, many things. One of the most charming moments came when he got personal and talked about his kids.

Kanye shared a baby photo of his son, Saint. When Ellen asked if little North helped out with her baby brother, Kanye showed off his proud papa side.

"She's really advanced for her age," he told Ellen. Ellen followed up for details, asking about what does North do?

"She'll prop him up on a pillow," Kanye said. This got an appreciative laugh from the audience. Advanced or not, it resonates as a nice family moment for a foursome that travels the world from extravagant event to extravagant event.

Ellen also asked if Kanye and Kim were going to have more children. Here he was more characteristically coy, answering with "maybe" and "perhaps." Ellen reminds him that Kim has said she's done.

"I don't mind practicing," was his quick, and noncommittal, reply.


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