Meteorologist Gets Wardrobe-Shamed During Live Weather Report

A news station is in hot water after wardrobe-shaming its meteorologist. Liberté Chan, a meteorologist for Los Angeles' KTLA 5 station, experienced extreme sexism while delivering a weather forecast during a live broadcast. While Chan is a noted weatherperson, she's also a fashion fan, according to her website. She loves to hear from viewers about her colorful wardrobe as well as her meteorology skills. However, when she appeared on-air in a jazzy, sleeveless black dress on May 14, some deemed her outfit too risqué. Midway through her segment, an anchor handed Chan a gray cardigan and asked her to put it on.
"You want me to put this on?" she asks in the video, which has since been posted to Facebook. "Why? 'Cause it's cold?" "We were getting a lot of emails," the anchor responds. After saying that she looks like a librarian, Chan continues with her weather spiel, just as a true professional is trained to do. That's not the point, though. Forcing a female meteorologist to "cover up" because viewers can't handle a woman showing her bare arms is the epitome of sexism. What's worse is Chan read some of the emails the station has received, and they're sexist as well. News flash: Female news anchor aren't there for your visual pleasure. Let them dress as they please.
Thankfully, Chan's taking the slight with stride, but she shouldn't have to. Sexism shouldn't exist, especially in the news business.

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