7 App Logo Makeovers That Broke The Internet

Yesterday, Instagram changed its beloved app icon from a familiar-looking retro camera to what you see here. If you are freaking out about the change, you're not the only one.
"OMG I do not like that," The New York Times' Farhad Manjoo wrote of the change. “It’s not that I hate the new one — it’s passable, if a little generic — but more that I was head-over-heels in love with the old Instagram icon.”
People on Twitter are also (unsurprisingly) decrying the change. A survey on The Tylt finds that 63% of respondents think the design is "ugly" as opposed to "cute."
But let's get real: We freak out every time a beloved app changes its look. Like when your boyfriend suddenly shaves off the beard he's had for the past six months and now you're basically dating a different person, you've just got to look past it, get used to it, and get over it. (Although unlike your boyfriend's beard, the old app design is probably never, ever coming back.)
If you're still disconcerted by Instagram's new icon, why not take a quick trip back in time to look at seven other redesigns that made the internet explode.

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