Google Just Seriously Changed Texting

Photo: Courtesy Google.
These days, a new keyboard app shows up in the App Store almost daily. But while they definitely offer fun ways to spice up texts, their capabilities have thus far remained limited: Emoji Xpress lets you add emojis, for example, and GIPHY Keys lets you add GIFs. That's about it.

But now, there's one keyboard to rule them all: Google's GBoard. The iOS-only keyboard, which launches later today in the App Store, lets you easily access GIFs, emojis, and Google's regular search feature.

Want to look up a restaurant while you're on Facebook? Now you can do it without switching apps — GBoard works in any app where you can type, not just texts.

Click through to see how to use all of the app's cool components before you head to the App Store to give it a download.

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