Is Taylor Swift Getting Beauty Inspo From Her Best Magazine Covers?

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
If we’ve learned anything about Taylor Swift’s evolving beauty look, it’s that her brand of glam is firmly rooted in the classics. That red lip, those side-swept bangs, and the muted blonde color? They’ve all become signatures. But as of late, Swift has been surprising fans by pushing her look to more daring heights. And in ways that are seemingly inspired by some of her more creative magazine cover shoots.

First came the American Vogue's May cover, with Swift sporting the cut of the moment in a punk rock shade of platinum. The change was so drastic, many didn’t recognize that it was her gracing the mag. Though the singer was enamored with the choppy bangs and white-blonde look, she donned a wig because she wasn’t ready to commit quite yet. But perhaps the unveiling of the cover convinced her it was time, because shortly after — and just in time for Coachella — Swift copped the look for real, posting the ultra-blonde results on Instagram, with the caption, “BLEACHELLA.”

And last night, the singer stepped out at the BMI Awards with ultra-tanned skin — something that looks to have been inspired by her November 2014 Wonderland cover. How’s that for a throwback? We love seeing an edgier side of Swift and all of this transformation has us thinking: What boundary-pushing magazine covers would we like to see the pop star pluck beauty inspo from next? We pull a few of our favorites, ahead.

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The "Style" singer may have kept her signature red lip for this Vogue cover, but that hair — platinum baby bangs and a choppy bob — was the look that changed it all. Perhaps a nearly-makeup free eye will be next?

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A typically peaches-and-cream complexioned Taylor opted for super tanned skin at the BMI Pop Awards. But we’d also love to see her take another styling cue from this Wonderland cover and step out with a strong brow and freckles to match.
It seems that Taylor rarely appears without a statement lip. Perhaps the next evolution will reveal a stamped out pout, as shown on this Vogue Australia cover?

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We’ve long envied Taylor’s natural waves, which are often worn with bangs that either hang straight or are swept to the side. Maybe her next hair iteration will show bangs completely brushed back, like in this British Vogue cover?


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