Shia LaBeouf Now Just Tweeting GPS Coordinates

Damn Shia, back at it again with the cryptic tweets. The Battle of Shaker Heights star sent out GPS coordinates in a pair of messages posted at noon Mountain Time on consecutive days with zero explanation.
Those coordinates lead here, near 239 Owl Creek Road in Boulder, CO, and here, near a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Mountain Test Facility north of the city. LaBeouf will speak on a panel with fellow collective members Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on May 22 as part of the MediaLive festival. They will offer their thoughts on corruption. "We have no comment on that," festival director Nicole Dial-Kay told The Daily Camera about the coordinate tweets. Luckily, we have some theories about the possible meanings of the tweets. 1. LaBeouf is teasing a performance happening at those locations.
2. LaBeouf has discovered alien life and is keeping kind of coy about it.
3. Transformers are real and this is where they’re hiding.
4. That’s where the real buried treasure from Holes is buried.
5. Those are the twin gravesites of his film career. The most likely scenario is also unfortunately the most boring one. But Shia is the same person who offers soup to assault victims, hangs out in elevators for fun, and cries when 10-year-olds call him on the phone. What we're saying is that LaBeouf is a delightfully loose cannon and an actually interesting performance artist. Even if his art is derivative, it's hard to know because performance art is notoriously under-covered. But we're guessing that he's going to do something insanely weird. Given the corruption theme of his panel, we're guessing it's going to be about, like, the government, man.

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