Shia LaBeouf Offers Soup To Shia LaBeouf Lookalike Who Was Punched In The Face

Roger Askew/REX/Shutterstock
At one time or another, many people have wanted to punch Shia LaBeouf in the face. He’s just got that quality about him, some people might say. And one New York City man lived out his fantasy a few days ago when he hit Shia in the face and ran away. Only one problem: The guy he punched was not Shia LaBeouf. His name is actually Mario Licato. Licato got quite a shiner and posted evidence of his injury to Instagram. He took things pretty well, considering that he was just literally punched in the face. He even thanked the attacker for comparing him to LaBeouf. “Well sir you boosted my self esteem bc he's p hot,” Licato wrote.?️
The EMTs were apparently less than helpful, telling Licato, “Welcome to New York, buddy” before tending to his injuries. But his story wasn’t over. A day later, the real LaBeouf called and left a message. He first offered to buy the guy soup, then told him, “Keep your head up, G.” “He sounded bummed and genuinely really bad,” Licato told Cosmopolitan. “Like he just felt like shit. Like I can't believe this happened. This sucks. And he was just like, 'I wish I was in New York but I'm not.' I thought it was really funny that he wanted to bring me soup." Licato eventually connected with Shia, posting a second Instagram to prove it. So there you have it. Every cloud has a silver lining. And every black eye ends with Shia LaBeouf offering to buy you soup. Provided you look like him, of course.

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