Rowan Blanchard & Hari Nef Rip The Red Carpet A New One

Rowan Blanchard is a 14-year-old whose wisdom belies her years. Hari Nef has made serious waves with her performance on Transparent and her overall awesome mien. The pair took to Twitter to have a serious conversation about why they hate the red carpet. It all started when Blanchard posted this Instagram picture about her own discomfort with stepping and repeating.
Nef immediately took to Twitter to say that the pair should host a segment on the Fashion Police. (The show has lost much of its luster after the tragic passing of Joan Rivers, so we have to think that this is nothing other than a good idea.) Their conversation is kind of long but very engaging, so we’ll embed it in full. Both Blanchard and Nef agree that the red carpet is a weird space that’s uncomfortable for celebrities. Covering the red carpet is also a weird nightmare of standing around, doing nothing, and then jostling for position in the hope that you can yell a question at someone who might not want to be there.
Nef clarified her positions in some later tweets. She says that it’s “weird” that she has to do the red carpet as an actress. It’s not, like, that weird that performers are expected to perform when they arrive at events. But yes, the red carpet is a separate space that doesn’t really have a ton to do with movies. And yes, it does make fashion look different than it would in different lighting. As for her claim that “people used to look really cool on the red carpet before the red carpet got so much press and hype around it,” it’s an odd one to make about an event that has always existed exclusively to provide press and hype.

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