Rowan Blanchard’s Thoughtfulness Makes It Hard To Believe She Is Only 14 Years Old

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage.
Rowan Blanchard has become her generation's beacon of reason. We have praised the young actress numerous times for her keen remarks on the entertainment industry and her preternaturally sophisticated takes on feminism. And we're about to do it again. Blanchard is, on the surface, a pretty normal 14-year-old. She browses Tumblr, hangs out with her girlfriends, and engages in the other typical teenage pastimes. But from her new interview with Dazed, it is clear that the Girl Meets World actress has even more tokens of wisdom to share, especially with her peers. Here are a few of the latest. She loves to see girls owning stereotypes and turning them on their heads.
“Girls are taking things that people use to make fun of them with and reclaiming them. Like makeup, pink, selfies, iPhones — all these things that we use to undermine teenage girls and make them feel embarrassed. Girls are saying, ‘Well, if that’s what you’re going to use against me, then I’m going to use them for me.’” She is eager to help young girls feel comfortable going against the pack.
"A lot of girls will silence their beliefs and individuality because they want to be with a more popular group." She doesn't think women should be told to smile.
“I just literally can’t with these people who are incessantly saying things like, ‘Smile, baby girl.’” She sees the value in personal growth without outside distraction or stimuli.
“It’s a really powerful thing to be able to be by yourself and be totally comfortable with it. Not on Instagram or FaceTiming somebody, but literally by yourself.” She admits her fears in order to overcome them.
“I don’t know, it’s weird… ‘The future’. It’s a scary thing. Scary, but not scary... Oh, you know what I’m saying.” Yes, yes we do.

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