Grandma Uses Contouring For Shocking Transformation

Some people dismiss contouring as a trend not meant for real people. Others think it's something that only works if you've got cover-girl bone structure to begin with. One "Glam-ma," a.k.a. the 80-year-old grandmother of Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego, might make a true believer of us yet.

Grandma Livia clearly has great bone structure to begin with. It's breathtaking to see how Flego's artistry takes decades off of her grandma's face. Livia, who lives in a nursing home, has become an internet sensation thanks to these Instagram posts (via Cosmopolitan). We don't know how many followers Flego's Instagram had originally, but she's up to 35k now and pics of her grandmother are racking up thousands of likes.
According to a recent post, Livia does have a message for fans: "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones!" Though, to be fair, it helps to have a makeup artist in the family.

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