Too Faced Is Reportedly Expanding Its Better Than Sex Line

Nothing is better than waking up to some exciting beauty news on a dreary Monday morning, amiright? After teasing the upcoming Chocolate Chip palette last week, Too Faced cofounder and creative director Jerrod Blandino is at it again with another allusive Instagram post. This time around, it looks like he's hinting at a brand-new Better Than Sex product. Blandino captioned the pic, "I want your SEX...#toofaced #FutureLovers #ImATease." That last hashtag is #facts on #facts. The zoomed-in image leaves much to the imagination, including what the heck the product actually is. Naturally, the mania-slash-speculation has already started in the comments. Some think it might be an eyeshadow palette: "Another palette??? ??? What is this?? My wallet can't take this anymore ???," one commenter wrote. Others even threw out ideas for more sweet-tooth palettes, to go along with the existing selection — dulce de leche, Jell-O shots, and caramel apple were just some of the recommendations. Others guessed that Better Than Sex colored mascaras, or even a perfume, could be on the way — all of which are pretty legit hunches. While we may not have many answers at this point (Too Faced is unable to divulge any information about the launch right now), this devastated commenter basically sums up all of our feels: "JERROD HAS NO CHILL TOO FACED HAS NO CHILL ILL NEVER BE FINANCIALLY STABLE??." Same, girl, same.

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