This Is Where Malia Obama Will Attend College

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Malia Obama is officially college-bound. The White House announced on Sunday that the 17-year-old will attend Harvard University. She plans to take a year off before beginning her freshman year in 2017, according to a statement reported by The Associated Press and other outlets. The eldest Obama daughter set her sights on attending some of the nation's most elite schools. Other colleges she considered reportedly included Brown, Columbia, Stanford, Tufts, the University of California at Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan University, and Yale. “We are talking about this in my household every night, every night. And there’s really no magic formula,” first lady Michelle Obama said last year. “It is a very individual decision.” Michelle Obama previously revealed that Malia is interested in working in the film industry. The teen got the chance to explore the field while still in high school, reportedly snagging internships on the sets of HBO's Girls and CBS' Extant. Both Malia and her 14-year-old sister, Sasha, have attended the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., since the family left their native Chicago for the White House after the 2008 election. The first daughter will be a legacy at the Cambridge, MA, university — both of her parents attended Harvard Law School. Her decision was announced May 1, the deadline most colleges set for accepted applicants to commit.

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