Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 4: Kendall’s FOMO

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This week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians has a lot of the Kardashians not quite fitting in with their domestic situations. Rob is around, and certainly present on social media, but largely absent from the family unit. Kim and Kanye are around too much, having overstayed their welcome at Kris’s house. Kendall is homesick because she’s spending so much time in New York. The large family has a lot of moving parts and, at times, the gears are just out of sync. Maybe that’s why they all spend so much time on their phones. Even when they are together, they’re always missing someone. The episode starts with Kylie shooting a cooking segment for her app. She invites Khloé over to make sliders, despite the fact that her older sister doesn’t eat red meat. While Kylie’s best Julia Child effort doesn’t seem important, remember this moment. It will come up again. The drama surrounding Rob and Chyna and Kylie and Tyga is the reality TV storyline that keeps on giving. Everything becomes an issue because everyone seems to be posting about it on social media. Kim tells Khloé and Kourtney about a phone call she had with Rob where he put her on the spot to talk to Chyna on speaker. Kim and Chyna used to be friends after all. But Kim says she’s “needs some time” to figure out how to talk to Chyna. “Do I feel everyone needs to sit down and talk it out? Yes,” she says in one of her interview segments. But not her. And not right now. It was uncomfortable when Kylie started to date Tyga, but things got nasty with Chyna and lines were drawn and choices had to be made. She sided with her sister. End of story. Remember that cooking segment? Apparently, Chyna used to have a cooking show. So, she got mad at Kylie for Cooking With Kylie and took to social media to complain. Kim calls Kylie to counsel her to let it go. “I’ve never had any fight with her over Instagram,” the youngest sister explains. Kim places another call to Rob. “Not cool,” she says. Rob and his social media presence rear their head again during Khloé’s photo shoot for Shape magazine. Khloé has her own issues with her brother, even beyond just the love square. “Have you seen Rob’s Instagram?” she asks Kim. “Rob is too busy to speak to me, but he’s not too busy to post a meme.” Rob sends his family into overdrive when he and Chyna post a series of videos making fun of the food that Kris stocked in the pantry of his new house. Kim is livid. Kris is hurt: “I know it’s just about food, but it really hurt my feelings. I don’t know what to do, but your dad would have expected more out of Rob. I just don’t know where it’s coming from.” Kim, at this point, is just not having it and calls her brother. She tells him that she’s happy he’s happy but whatever there is between Kylie and Chyna that’s for them to work out, in private. Not on social media. “This is just unnecessary. This is not what our family does.” Rob claims ignorance and says he doesn’t want to fight. He’s a man in love, after all.
Rob shows up at Kris’s house to apologize. He tells his mom he appreciates what she did, and they were just joking in the videos. Kris, like always, forgives him. “I get that you have this crazy sense of humor. Sometimes I just need to be reminded.” So while Rob and Chyna were busy creating all kinds of food drama online, Kris was taking matters into her own hands with her permanent houseguests, Kim, Kanye and their kids. She’s clearly reached her breaking point and is trying to draw some boundaries and enforce some rules. One of which is, apparently, no driving in the driveway. The Kardashian matriarch has a strict rule about that: “I spent nine months redoing my driveway.” Mysterious scratches have appeared, and she suspects the racks and racks of Kim’s clothes that get dragged to the garage are to blame. Kim looks to Kourtney for some sympathy on the mom front complaining that Kris comes to her with something different every single day. Kourtney’s sympathy is in short supply since she’s the one that Kris calls to complain about Kim and Kanye. “She tells me thing after thing after thing.” Kris takes a bold move and moves all of the furniture out of Kim’s bedroom when she isn’t home. She even moves the furniture out of little North’s room. Kris claims it belonged to Rob, so she moved it to his house. But Kim’s not buying it. A subtle hint, it isn’t. Over the phone, Kanye tells his wife, “Okay, it’s clear she wants us out of the house.” Kim comes up with a plan of her own and cooks up a scheme with Kourtney. Kourtney will keep Kris distracted and out of the house, and Kim will move all of her family’s stuff out in a matter of hours. This involves a lot of moving men and more than one truck, but Kim pulls it off. “I’m going to show her who the queen of surprises is,” Kim says. When Kris returns from lunch, Kim tells her mom that there is nothing left of hers in the house. At first, Kris is shocked. Then she jumps for joy, literally. “Whoo hoo! I have my house back! I love it!” Kris may be happy about her empty home, but Kendall, it turns out, is suffering from a serious case of homesickness. The busy model is always traveling back and forth between New York and Los Angeles and can’t seem to find time to spend with her sisters. They go out on the town without her. Kylie goes shopping without her. She gets a call to wish her little sister good luck on the launch of her lipsticks, but would have preferred an invite to the launch instead. It doesn’t help that she has a front-row seat delivered directly to her phone in her social media feeds. “I love my career, and I feel blessed. But I feel like I’m missing out on certain things at home and it sucks,” she says in her interview segment. She tells Kourtney how badly she feels about being left out. Kourtney, in her typical style, is less than comforting. “You aren’t always here, so we forget.” Kris plays the mom card and tells her girls to rally around Kendall. “She’s been watching you guys on social media, and she’s missing out. After the last show, she started crying. She’s just so homesick,” Kris tells Kourtney, urging her to get everyone together to show Kendall a little extra love the next time she’s in town. Kourtney rallies the troops and plans a homecoming like the ones they used to have when someone would come home from sleep away camp. Kim and Khloé go to Kendall’s apartment and put together a care package for when she returns. They write her a note to tell her how much they miss her when she’s gone. When Kendall does return, the sisters come together for a girls night in. Kendall thanks them for the basket and for the time together. “I love that my sisters did this for me. We can make time for each other.” Seems that her FOMO is cured. At least until someone posts something on Instagram.

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