Your May Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
It's Taurus season, stargazers! The sun beams through this earthy zodiac sign until May 20, getting us all in a greener, more grounded groove. From festivals to farmers' markets to community gardens, slip out into the fresh air and enjoy Mother Nature's generous offerings. Practical Taurus also governs our financial foundations, so pay better attention to the green in your wallet, as well. Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus until the 22nd, making it all the more important to budget, plan, and think before we spend — or speak! Communication breakdowns are one of the by-products of Mercury's triannual backspins, and May could bring a few agonizing misunderstandings that need to be worked through. Watch out for that Taurus-inspired stubbornness when trying to discuss. Check your temper, too, as fiery Mars is also retrograde, making it too easy to choose war over peace. And while this is no time to sweep a legit conflict under the rug, dealing honestly and proactively can bring epic breakthroughs. Patience is a virtue.
Lucky Jupiter will snap out of a four-month retrograde on May 9 and begin cruising ahead in Virgo again. Stalled plans get back in motion again, especially anything dealing with fitness, healthy eating, and our daily work. On the 20th, the social butterflies inherit the earth as the sun floats into garrulous Gemini for a month. Kindred spirits crop up, and witty banter replaces all those heavy talks about practical issues. As the zodiac's twin, Gemini inspires us to partner up and cooperate. Bring on the dynamic duos, especially when Venus joins the sun here on the 24th. The full moon on the 21st lights up Sagittarius, the sign of travel, higher learning, and entrepreneurial ventures. Consider this a cue to get summer vacation plans in motion, sign up for a workshop (in Bali, maybe?), or get that kitchen-table business going. Mars slips back into simmering Scorpio on the 27th, ending the month on an intense and seductive note. Spring flings could heat up and even come with an air of secrecy and taboo. Dive deep, but don't get in over your head.

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