Rachel Bloom Gets Real About The Red Carpet

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While attending the East West Players 50th Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner on Monday, Rachel Bloom decided to dress herself. But critics Tom and Lorenzo did not approve of her outfit choice, calling it “Boca Retiree” attire. “Maybe the dress could work with better styling," they wrote, "but with the strappy sandals, poolside hair and gigantic necklace, it doesn’t exactly say 'fresh.'" The blog also added a comment about her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-star, Vincent Rodriguez III’s suit saying, “His suit doesn’t fit him at all.” They finished the post off with “Still adorable, though.” Well, Bloom wasn’t having any of it. She took to her Facebook page to voice her frustration.
“This is the first time I've been ever featured in a negative light on a fashion blog. And here's the thing: it was the one public event I dressed myself for,” Bloom wrote. She continues by giving credit to her stylist, saying “It makes me think of the times I've gotten credit for wearing something good, and how the credit is not due to me but to my unbelievable stylist, Annabelle Harron. Whenever a celebrity is at an event or on tv, chances are, they have been dressed, styled and made up by EXPERTS. Yet, the headline is always, 'Jennifer Lawrence rocks Dior,' as if the decisions of how to look rested solely on the celebrity's shoulders.” Bloom referred to the necklace comment the blog made saying, “that necklace is a traditional Hawaiian necklace given to me by someone at the event, the event being a gala for an Asian-American-focused theater company. I wore it for some pictures in his honor.” The actress made it clear that the blog’s comments will not stop her from wearing the dress again. “And I love that dress. I love it so much. I will wear it until the day I die.”

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