The Daily Show‘s “Black Trump” Made A Hilarious Video Using Actual Trump Quotes

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Who knew Donald Trump quotes could be so entertaining? The Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr. dressed up as "Black Trump" to create a new music video, They Love Me. The lyrics are actual quotes that GOP front-runner Donald Trump has said over the years.
Whether or not you agree with Trump's message, you can probably agree that his quotes are a lot more entertaining when set to music. "Trump doesn't belong in the White House. Donald Trump belongs in a rap video," Wood told The Daily Show's host Trevor Noah. "Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper's playbook. He brags about his money, he's disrespectful to women, and there's always fights at his concerts." The video serves as an argument to support that claim — it's impressive how well the Trump quotes fit with the rap tropes. Check out the clip and see for yourself.

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