11 Secret Celebrity Weddings That Shocked Us All

We can't get enough of celebrity weddings — and we're not alone. The public interest in A-listers' nuptials means the paparazzi can't get enough, either. Some celeb weddings, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's, are splashed all over newsstands and social media feeds almost instantly. But other celebs prefer to keep theirs private, and take great pains to do so.
By utilizing highly secretive planning techniques, high-tech security measures, and sometimes even by keeping their own guests in the dark, some of the biggest stars have managed to keep the details of their big days completely under wraps. And while we'd love to get a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston or Mila Kunis in their wedding dresses, we also respect their decisions not to share photos with the world. Frankly, we're also pretty impressed that they have been so successful at maintaining their privacy.
Ahead, 11 famous couples who managed to outsmart the paparazzi, and celebrate their weddings on their own terms — plus, the scoop on how they did it.

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